One Day Quick Win

One Day Quick Win – post implementation support

A RapidStart One Day Quick Win from Admiral Consultants is a unique and innovative way to support customers of Select a One Day Quick Win as an introduction to your new project or post implementation refinements and benefit from a highly focused one to one session to work through key challenges, improve your solution and secure knowledge.

SCOPE: Everything we can get done in a day;

  • Remote or On-site consultation and set Up
  • New configuration
  • Knowledge share
  • Health check
  • Solutions refinement
  • Process improvement


Here are some ideas how you might want to use your One Day Quick Win


  • Key Reporting and Dashboards
  • Pipeline Management Process Improvements
  • Simple Security
  • Build Custom Objects and Page Layouts
  • Data Migration
  • Chatter Implementation
  • Campaign Management and Mass Email
  • Integrate new AppExchange apps
  • Build knowledge of advanced functionality

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