Salesforce Case Study – Technology Sales – Civolution


Civolution a spin-off from Philips Electronics, is the leading provider of technology and solutions to identify, manage and monetize media content. The company offers an extensive portfolio of cutting edge digital watermarking and fingerprinting applications for media interaction (Automatic Content Recognition and content triggering), media intelligence (audience measurement and media monitoring for TV, radio and internet) and media protection (content filtering and forensic watermarking for pre-release, digital cinema, payTV and streaming).
Headquartered in Eindhoven, Civolution has offices in the UK, France, USA and Hong Kong.


The major challenge for Civolution was revenue scheduling for support contracts in a fashion that extended the native revenue scheduling features.
A support contract is established at the point of every product purchase, covering maintenance throughout the product lifecycle. With variable contract schedules it was important that revenue measurements were planned accordingly.
A key element was to account for the maintenance price as part of the overall quoted product price, but only once as subsequent period would only include maintenance fees.
Importantly, revenue scheduling had to be automatically created and dynamically updated.  The corporate team referred Civolution to Salesforce consultants Admiral Technology.


The project was co-ordinated by Karine Paris, Salesforce Administrator for Civolution:
 “We were introduced to Admiral from an early stage and were impressed with how quickly they understood our business and CRM requirements”
The existing solution was modified to introduce three main features:
  • Calculate the net maintenance price and scheduling it automatically
  • Preserve the maintenance price in local currency for future year’s maintenance scheduling
  • Update the revenue schedule for all products attached to an opportunity when the opportunity close date is amended
Karine continues: “The project was undertaken during February 2013 and took less than 3 weeks to complete from the initial scoping phase to going live”.

The Benefits

Karine concludes: “We now have a comprehensive CRM solution that enables us to track and manage our sales process with confidence. It has significantly reduced the administrative tasks associated with the previous system and greatly improved our sales and finance processes as a result”.

Benefit summary:

  • Reliable revenue forecast across all regions
  • Single, any time view of company sales situation
  • Every product triggers support revenue schedule
  • Significantly reduces admin for sales and finance team
 “Admiral delivered exactly the solution we required and all support queries were solved swiftly by their Solution Assurance which was very helpful, particularly during the first few weeks”
“We would have no hesitation recommending Admiral to other organisations looking to tailor Salesforce to their needs”.