Salesforce Case Study for Professional Services – Sante Fe Group




Santa Fe Group is an international company providing global relocation services to suit the needs of companies who relocate their employees to locations throughout the world.
The Santa Fe group employs 3100 people in 123 offices across 53 countries including Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA.
The group had no central CRM platform and was reliant on a number of disparate regional solutions for CRM ranging from spread sheets and bespoke operating systems including Microsoft Outlook.


The main CRM challenges for the Santa Fe Group were:
  • Lack of visibility of forward view revenue and global opportunities
  • Existing systems had no simple way of capturing data
  • Staff reliant on manual reporting and archaic ‘cut and paste’ functions
  • Productive sales time being lost to system administration
The overall challenge was to provide an integrated CRM solution for the management of Direct Corporate Sales for New National Accounts across 4 brands / regions
  • Interdean (Europe, Middle East, Africa)
  • Sante Fe (Asia)
  • Wridgways (Australia)
  • Sante Fe Group (Rest of the World)
While talking to The Santa Fe Group were introduced to Salesforce consultants Admiral Technology.


The project was led by Mark Burchell, Group Sales & Marketing Director at The Santa Fe Group:
“What impressed us about Admiral was their pro-active involvement in our early discussions with before they were appointed. Their experience of managing large-scale CRM projects was evident giving us the confidence they were the right fit”.
“The Admiral team got straight to work, spending a few days with us to scope out our requirements before drafting a working document outlining a clear and detailed CRM specification.”
“We formed a ‘Super User Group’ made up of senior sales management from several regions to tailor the solution to the whole group. The plan was refined between both sides and a roll-out schedule promptly agreed”.
“The scoping-out phase was completed during Q1 in 2012 and we were live by the beginning of Q2”.
The solution consisted of the following Salesforce Objects:
  • Chatter – instant knowledge sharing and teamwork between regions on key prospects
  • Leads – Monitoring B2B sales activity at the front end
  • Accounts & Contact – creating a hierarchy of accounts with related contacts.
  • Opportunity – revenue scheduling and accurate product portfolio pricing
  • Forecast – tracking opportunity stage and pipeline via single view dashboards
  • Reporting – delivering sales and pipeline by sales person, by brand, by country and region and worldwide
  • Tenders – clear visibility of all Tender activity via Salesforce
  • Marketing – integrating existing e-marketing solution into Salesforce
  • Custom – a bespoke solution for reporting on competitor business allow us to be proactive in bidding for contract renewals at the correct time


The Benefits

 “The real value of involving Admiral was their ability to tailor Salesforce to our evolving needs. With such a large office network across several continents we needed a solution that would suit all regions, while providing leaders with a single, anytime view of sales activity”.
  • Visibility and Management of activity on National and Global Accounts
  • Control and reporting of opportunities, pipeline and forecasting at all levels in Sales community
  • Timely identification of and cohesive approach to cross selling and up-selling opportunities
  • Tracking of marketing campaigns and associated communications both for local and global markets
  • Encouragement of collaboration in tactical and strategic discussion
  • Robust reporting
“We now have that solution and the benefits are being felt right across the wider group. Our sales teams have a single CRM channel for sourcing, nurturing and converting opportunities while our leaders have a group-wide view of the sales environment.”