Salesforce Case Study for F-Gas Compliance


Gelidus Limited is an independent air conditioning company offering a full range of air conditioning services to include the design, installation, maintenance and repair.

Operating within a 50 mile radius of its offices in Reading, Gelidus has a strong and loyal customer base built on its hard-earned reputation for providing a quality service at a competitive price.

Gelidus have been using since 2011 and see it as a key tool in the operation and growth of the business.


With industry regulations tightening whilst the economy was driving increased competition; Gelidus realised that they had to streamline their administrative processes which were consuming much of the profit being generated by their on-site activities. Managing Director, Steve Huse explained: “The creation and renewal of our maintenance contracts and the stringent record-keeping associated the F-Gas Regulation were the biggest drain on our administrative resources, so these were the areas we needed to tackle first”

Maintenance Contract Creation and Renewal

Gelidus operates maintenance contracts that are tailored to their customers’ requirements.  The number of planned maintenance visits per year varies, as do factors such as access times, payment schedules and the accurate listing of each and every piece of equipment. Their maintenance contracts have to clearly detail all of these factors to allow their clients to properly evaluate the maintenance programmes being offered. Management also need clear visibility of the planned visits so that the mobile workforce can be deployed to complete the visits in a timely manner, and also need to be provided with key indicators about the accumulating contracts in order to manage growth. And of course the whole process is on-going, with each contract having to be reviewed and renewed annually.

The F-Gas Regulation

In 2007 the F-Gas Regulation was introduced to encourage more responsible management and better containment of the gases used within air conditioning systems. Mandatory leak testing was introduced, as was the compulsory keeping of records to log all leak tests, follow-up actions and movement of gases. Gelidus had been managing this record-keeping with paper log books kept on each site, but found this to be highly administrative and not always reliable, with log books regularly being misplaced. Gelidus wanted to take a lead within the industry and introduce the electronic keeping of   F-Gas records, but with regular records being required for every system maintained by them, the task of adding such a high volume of records was daunting.


When asked about the history of their configuration, Steve added: “We have used other consultants in the past but we are happy that we have now found Admiral Technology and we will stick with them as our partner.  We always get good value from Admiral as we know how hard their consultant works for us”

Maintenance Contract Creation and Renewal

  • The existing solution was modified to introduce automatic renewals for maintenance contracts.
  • Using time-based workflow a list of planned visits becomes available on a when-due basis rather than immediate creation of thousands of Task records.
  • Using Drawloop, a fully variable and flexible Maintenance Contract is created and passed through DocuSign for the customer’s electronic signature.

Industry Regulation – F-Gas

  • Using a series of custom objects related to the Equipment (Asset), Admiral Technology designed a streamlined solution for record keeping.

The issue of onerous date entry remained and so using Visual Workflow we designed a solution for mass update of the Leak Test results related to the FGas record.  Now, when no leaks have been found, two clicks will update all records related to a customer, and this can run into hundreds.


The Benefits

Benefits summary:

  • A dramatic reduction in administration.
  • Planning clarity for Maintenance visits
  • No missed sales Opportunities for maintenance renewals
  • Accurate, industry-leading record keeping for new legal requirement
  • Fast and accurate update of records

Steve concluded: “The big benefit has been a huge reduction in our admin … we no longer have to manually type out contracts and renewal letters in Word, nor do we (and our customers) have to go through the print/sign/scan/email/print/sign/scan/email process of signing and counter-signing our contracts since DocuSign was adopted. The F-Gas record-keeping is also a big win for us … we no longer need to create costly site files, nor catch-up with loads of manual paper entries when they’re locked in a Manager’s office or go missing”